Let me be clear, I often have no idea what I should put on the internet. Often because I prefer to tell a lot of things to the people themselves, sometimes because I do not want to pollute the internet even more with small or large, not so sensible facts and opinions. That is why I first stopped my website / blog. Yet I decided to continue, because I want to give it another chance. It always gave me a lot of satisfaction!

My name is Damion Gans and I am 20 years old. After 2 decades of life experience with 2 mental “limitations” I have created a nice beautiful life for myself, if I say so myself. I have a great passion for music and am very interested in many things, including technology, (multi)media, philosophy and religion. Love, challenges, passion and interesting work are very important to me, they are my biggest motivators.

Currently I do not have any big concrete dreams yet. I do believe that my life will become even more awesome, guided by the Holy Spirit. I am blessed with a lot of talents and personal qualities. Every day I may enjoy the great amount of enthusiasm that rushes through my body. I certainly have dreams, but instead of impulsively rushing them (and eventually failing), I wait for a great plan to come that I can do for a long time when I have time for it.

I am a university student and study HBO-ICT with differentiation Software Engineering. Now I am a sophomore. I like the courses, but I missed the challenge of it a bit. Due to a change in my mindset, this seems to be changing: to make optimum use of my intelligence so that I can achieve at least 7/10 grades and understand and apply everything I get offered there. The first year I succeeded at this, so far this second year at university almost too.

I will try to share something on my blog regularly. I find that difficult because I do not always know what I should share. Yet I try to do it.

If you want to contact me, you can do so through the contact page!